The New Hotness

I have just passed a 2nd birthday in Lockdown. Looking back at the first couple of posts written at the beginning of this whole thing last year, I certainly did not anticipate that we would still be in some variety of lockdown a year on. But here we are, with things hopefully due to change in the next few months with the majority of people receiving their vaccine.

On of the things that I am seeing coming up recently, both in my social circles and with clients, is that many people have experienced body shape changes after a year of of working form home/swimming pools being closed/yoga classes being cancelled/sports training cancelled/being encouraged to stay home.

These changes can mean we might feel a bit less confident, it can impact on our self esteem, and sometimes can come up in our relationships.

We can be very hard on ourselves when it comes to our bodies. We are encouraged to hold ourselves up to an (often unobtainable) ideal and can give ourselves a hard time if we do not meet it.

I encourage kindness and compassion to yourself and your body always. We have such a strange and at times difficult year that whatever your body’s current 1-year-in-lockdown vibe is, it is perfectly OK as it is.

In the words of the Feminist Survival Project, “You are the new hotness, even better than the old hotness”.

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