Nat Creighton counsellor sitting in a chair as if with a client.


My session fee is £60 per 50 minute session.

I offer in-person counselling sessions at my office on Malone Road, Belfast.

I also offer online counselling sessions meaning I can work with clients in a wide variety of locations.


I am trained in person-centred and psychodynamic styles of counselling. This means that your experiences and perceptions of the world will be at the heart of our work together. I will work to understand what life is like for you and I won’t make assumptions or judgements. We may explore your life experiences and try to understand factors that may be contributing to your current difficulties.

Over time and with consistency my hope is that you will have an emerging picture of how you would like to be in your life. Counselling can contribute to you understanding yourself better, having more trust in yourself and others, and to feeling more authentic and unashamed. Counselling can also help you understand your needs and create boundaries in your life. The safety of the counselling relationship can help you to have more courage to face the things you normally avoid, and trust in your own ability to handle them.

I like the Tai Chi saying as a metaphor for counselling: “You don’t eat the fruit the same day you plant the seed,” meaning that the process can take time. Coming to counselling requires work, but it is an ultimately rewarding process.

What I can offer you

I will offer you time, empathy and respect. I will be present and attentive and I will listen to you without judgement.

I offer a highly skilled, ethical and professional setting for counselling to take place. It will be relaxed, safe, confidential and sometimes creative.

My life’s journey has been far from straight forward, and that has allowed me to examine how the (often) invisible pressures and restrictive boxes/categories of society can stop people expressing themselves in ways that make them feel happy and fulfilled. Combining my life’s experience with my counselling training creates a unique and helpful perspective from which to help clients.

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