I am an experienced counsellor and member of the LGBTQ+ community. Before starting my own counselling practice, I was part of the counselling team at The Rainbow Project. I supported LGBTQ+ people and those who are questioning with issues around sexuality or gender, often including feelings of shame, depression and anxiety, and any other issues that were having a negative impact on life.

Working with people over the years, I know that LGBTQ+ people often have negative experiences trying to access help for their mental health. With this in mind I set up Nat Creighton Counselling with a focus on providing safe, inclusive, accepting and LGBTQ knowledgeable counselling.

Outside this work, I am an allotment owner and an artist. I put as much value on gaining insight into human nature and what I can learn from artists, authors and songwriters as I do from learning counselling theory.

Art work titled “Everything I know about myself I learned from other people” by Nat Creighton.

Self portrait of Nat Creighton counsellor reading LGBTQ books
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